The 'GOOD' innovation

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Make changes with us

 Santa Vision's donation platform is on the horizon. This progress and innovation is made possible with all of your minds together. Keep an eye on the changes that SantaVision makes, and join us!

Transparent Donation

 The transparency of blockchain is applied to the donation culture, attracting a clean and transparent culture of social contribution.


 We have opened STC Market, which either directly sponsors the goods or offers the opportunity to generate revenue.


 Santa Cash is the core coin of Santa Vision's donation ecosystem, which is based on its unique main net. Donations, purchases, and sponsorship of tangible and intangible assets can be made to Santa Cash.


 There are partners who can prove real blockchain, not just ideas. STC users can use services operated by our partners to purchase services and goods.

Santa Cash exchanges love and hearts for neighbors

Download Santa Cash wallet

and deliver your heart.

The moment you have Santa Cash, you will soon have the 'special power' to support children!
STC wallet is can be used to buy and sponsor items at the Donation Mall as well as to donate.

The story of singer Iyolin Lee, a patron of SantaVision

"Donation? I was wondering if anything would change." 

When I downloaded SantaCash app for the first time, it was exciting to be able to reach out directly to so many sponsors. But I wondered, "What difference am I making?"

Making Decisions

  But I decided to take a little step and participate in SantaVision's first program.